Pikake Jasmine Roller Perfume

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A hydrating oil that also functions as an intoxicating natural perfume, how much simpler can it get? Throw in your bag and hydrate your skin anywhere, anytime.

Our most popular fragrance - a sweet, delicate, and intoxicating floral scent. The small white Jasmine flower, known locally as Pikake, is one of the flowers most frequently used to make Hawaiian lei (flower garlands).

The combination of sweet almond oil and jojoba oil provides excellent hydration for the skin, while the jasmine fine fragrance oil gives it a beautiful and intoxicating scent. 

Using natural ingredients not only benefits the skin but also provides a lovely, authentic fragrance experience. The simplicity and portability make it convenient for on-the-go use, making it a versatile addition to anyone's skincare routine.


INGREDIENTS: Sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, jasmine fine fragrance oil