Skincare should be simple.

When my mother started making her first formulas nearly 30 years ago here in Hawaii, it was to create skincare free of chemicals, fillers and additives. It was that simple to her then and it's that simple today.

Ua body continues her legacy by providing products with clean, additive-free formulas consisting of natural and native ingredients to replenish, hydrate, and protect the skin.

Each product is handcrafted in small batches in our workshop in Hawai’i. It is our hope that Ua Body becomes part of your daily ritual, helping to bring the aloha spirit wherever you go. 


"I’m guessing this is what heaven smells like"

"I was shopping at a local boutique on the Big Island and the display caught my eye. I wasn’t even shopping for body care products, but once I smelled the Kupaloke (Tuberose) I was smitten. I used the lotion after a shower and the smell and the quality of the lotion was so amazing! I’m a convert and I hope to try other products and scents from this lovely brand soon!"

"A special soap"

"UA Body soaps are truly special. The soap delivers a lovely Hawaiian fragrance with a rich foamy texture that is exactly what I want from a bar soap. Once it's all rinsed away my skin feels wonderful without any soapy residue left behind. I love it. It makes showering feel so luxurious."


"I have loved this line for years but only recently tried the Ekolu Body Butter. Not like any butter I’ve tried. Beautiful texture. Soft and lovely. I’ve used it mainly on my face, neck, and chest, for a week and already see benefits. My aging skin looks fresher, and my minor rosacea calmed. It feels delicious to apply. Love this product!"

"Love these body mists!!!"

"Best ever natural floral mists that smell and make you feel beautiful! I’ve been using these for two years and absolutely love them. People stop me in the street and ask what I’m wearing all the time - addicted to them and so happy with the new glass bottles. So lovely ❤️ "

Our Values

Because to live with Aloha is to nurture the earth.
Because plant-derived ingredients contain more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
Because to use resources with wisdom is also to honor our core values.

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