Hawaiian Flower Body Mist Set (Room Spray, Linen Spray, Body Spray)

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Envelop yourself in the flowers of Hawai'i with this natural body mist gift set!  Use these refreshing mists as a light natural perfume, room spray or linen/home spray. Let the magical fragrances of Hawaiian Jasmine, Gardenia and Tuberose fill the air.

This set contains three (very cute) 1oz bottles of Jasmine, Gardenia and Tuberose Body Mists/Room Sprays.

1. Kupaloke (Tuberose) Body Mist/Room Spray

2. Pikake (Jasmine) Body Mist/Room Spray

3. Kiele (Gardenia) Body Mist/Room Spray

Kupaloke enhances intuition and creativity, while Kiele supports peace of mind. Pikake is also widely known as a calming essence. Go on ahead and use daily; our mists are made from pure and natural ingredients that hydrate and nourish your skin.