Iliahi Sandalwood Dry Oil

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Title: Iliahi

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Name a better face oil for dry skin...we'll wait ;)

Many of our customers also call this one of the best fragrances for men that they've ever come across.  

Our dry oil absorbs immediately into your skin, providing hydration and nourishment without any uncomfortable residue or clogged pores. We proudly use Royal Hawaiian sandalwood essential oil as our base, then infuse it with Hawaiian kukui and coconut oils to produce an intoxicating, healing dry skin treatment. 

Derived from fallen Sandalwood trees, the soft sandalwood scent pairs beautifully with jasmine and neroli oils to give a nice afterlift. Dark aged patchouli adds just a bit of sweetness to blend floral to the woody components, and frankincense adds a grounding presence. The result is a unique, woody fragrance is equally loved by both women and men. 

Great for: Men, Women, Massage, Face and Hair


Fractionated coconut oil, kukui oil, Organic Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil , jasmine absolute, essential oils of sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense, and neroli