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Lotions from Hawaii

Lotions from Hawaii

As part of our commitment to earth- and body-friendly products, our natural body lotion is light-weight skincare at its best. With kukui and coconut oils, vitamin E, and mango butter, you can use these plant-based body lotion daily to keep your skin feeling healthy and looking radiant.


Hawaiian distilled water, emulsifying wax, sweet almond oil, mango butter, glycerin, natural virgin coconut oil, aloe extract, kukui oil, fragrance, optiphen, vitamin E


All of our products are natural, bringing a luxurious, sustainable, and warm touch to your routine. Crafted using Hawaiian, vegan ingredients that are ethically sourced. UA Body lotion has become renowned for its ability to naturally nourish the skin and promote overall well-being, both for yourself and Mother Earth.

UA Body lotions come in a variety of scents and formulations, all with their own benefits for your skin.

Woody, Earthy Lotions

Our earthy lotions bring you natural skincare luxury created with woody, aromatic notes from ingredients like sandalwood. This line of sandalwood lotion helps give your skin a natural glow while providing long-lasting hydration.

Its comforting, warm, earthy scents will instantly put you in a relaxed state and transform your skincare routine into a high-end experience.

Floral Lotions

Our floral lotions are scented with springtime favorites like Jasmine. Natural Jasmine lotion provides skin with a luxurious and feminine touch. As Jasmine is a delicately sweet yet warm scent, it offers the perfect balance for a sophisticated and natural fragrance.

On top of its comforting aroma, Jasmine also helps enhance your skin’s protective barrier so that users can experience professional-grade results. Let Jasmine be your perfect partner in achieving real results while giving you the luxuriously gentle touch you deserve.

Floral Lotions

Floral-based lotions are a natural choice when considering Hawaiian body lotions.

For a truly luxurious skincare experience, mango body butter with its delicious aroma is a perfect choice. The mango’s natural ingredients combine with invigorating fragrances to provide your skin with a nourished and refreshed feeling. Its warm and organic scents fill any space with an inviting atmosphere.

As your skin absorbs the mango-infused body butter, you will feel relaxed and pampered as it helps soften, smooth, and protect your natural beauty. With its sophisticated yet inviting aroma, mango body butter adds a touch of luxury to everyday life.

Natural Skincare Lotions for all Skin Types

UA Body’s high-end formulation works to replenish hydration without the use of parabens or harsh chemicals. These lotions from Hawaii provide the sophisticated look and feel of a designer beauty product with the added benefit of being sustainably crafted for environmentally conscious customers. Enjoy a luxurious, natural experience every time you apply your skin care lotion.

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