A Sweat Life: The Fall 2020 Beauty Roundup

Read the full article by Amanda Lauren here. Excerpt below.

Beauty and self-care are more connected than ever right now. We’re all stressed out and in a state of flux, but taking time out for beauty rituals can give us a sense of peace and even a minor sense of control. 

Most of us are also dealing with something we’ve never had to deal with before— the effects of wearing masks during the change of seasons. From fun makeup to skin-soothing and hair-boosting essentials, here are 22 beauty products you’ll want to try this fall. 

Ua Body 'Ekolu Body Butter

If the skin on your body becomes dry or irritated during the change of seasons, it’s time to upgrade your body moisturizer. Ekolu Body Butter has a combination of Hawaiian coconut oil and macadamia kukui nuts to soothe inflamed skin. It’s also useful for treating eczema, psoriasis, and stretch marks in a safe, natural way. Handmade in small batches in Hawaii, it’s also a product you can feel just as good about buying as using.

Written by Colby Sameshima