Ua Essential Oil Collection: Body oil, Face oil, Hair Oil Set

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Name a better face oil for dry, sensitive or damaged skin...we'll wait ;)

In addition to being lauded as "the perfect nourishing oil," many of our customers call these the best fragrances that they've ever come across. They absorb immediately into your skin, providing hydration and nourishment without any uncomfortable residue or clogged pores. 

Inspired by the beautiful nature of Hawai`i and the nourishing ingredients that come from this land, our Ua Body Essential Oil Collection is the ultimate all-in-one healer. Each product is made with a base of pure, natural oils and fragranced lightly with essential oils. They are the perfect face oil for dry skin, body massage oil, and hydrating head-to-toe oil, all at once. 

1. Kukui Oil - This rare and wonderful oil (native to Hawai’i) has been used for centuries by Polynesians to protect and soothe skin against the intense elements of sun, wind, and sea water. Rich in Vitamins A, C, and E and healthy fatty acids, Kukui oil repairs dry, sensitive, or damaged skin. It also works well as an under eye treatment to reduces the effects of aging. Used daily, it can also help reduce the inflammation and irritation caused by eczema and psoriasis—and, if applied to your hands and feet, bolster your immune system. Read more about Kukui Oil in our latest blog, 3 Things You Didn't Know About Kukui Oil

2. Iliahi Dry Oil - We proudly use Royal Hawaiian sandalwood essential oil as our base, then infuse it with Hawaiian kukui and coconut oils to produce an intoxicating, healing dry skin treatment. Derived from fallen Sandalwood trees, the soft sandalwood scent pairs beautifully with jasmine and neroli oils to give a nice afterlift. The unique, woody fragrance is equally loved by both women and men.  We particularly recommend this oil for the hair and upper body: neck, chest, and arms. 

3. Sugarcane Dry Oil - A sweet, soft, luxurious oil.  Essential oils of clary sage, lavender, lime and coconut are blended with organic Hawaiian macadamia nut oil and Hawaiian vanilla oil.  The result is a sweet, slightly herbaceous, refreshing scent.  Sugarcane is the most viscous of our oils, but is still fine enough to spray.  We love it for your legs and back, and it is the ultimate massage oil!