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Article: 3 Things You Didn't Know About Kukui Oil

3 Things You Didn't Know About Kukui Oil

3 Things You Didn't Know About Kukui Oil


Leala here, the co-founder of Ua Body. I first encountered Kukui Oil when I was nine years old, thanks to my mother, Alice Humbert. She spent 30+ years of her life researching natural ingredients found here in the Hawaiian islands to help with her various skin ailments.

Kukui Oil was one of her favorites. She incorporated it into countless skincare recipes for her psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, and dry skin. She made countless concoctions in the kitchen and roped me in to help from time-to-time. Eventually, I watched her launch and grow her skincare company, Island Botanicals, serving 180+ retail stores and hundreds of happy customers.  

All these years later, I continue and honor her legacy with Ua Body skincare. We use the very same original recipes she created in our kitchen to this day - plus some new ones! Today, we've launched a new blog to share some of her best kept skincare secrets.

To kick it off, I wanted to share 3 things you probably didn’t know about the one, the only, Hawaiian Kukui Oil.

 1. Kukui Oil has deep, authentic origins in Hawai'i.

The rare and wonderful Kukui tree is one of only 1,400 plants that are native to Hawai’i...and nearly 90% of these native species are found nowhere else in the world. Kukui oil - derived from the Kukui nut - has been a staple in the Native Hawaiian way of life for centuries. Not only was Kukui oil used to soothe sunburns, chapped skin, wounds, and sore muscles resulting from the intense elements of sun, wind, and sea, but it was also used in oil lamps, religious ceremonies and natural paint.


2. Kukui Oil is filled with many different types of beneficial nutrients.

Often times, natural ingredients are known for a singular valuable nutrient within them - you could think of them as a sort of "one-hit-wonder." In contrast, Kukui Oil is rich in a wide variety of healthful components - you could think of it as the "renaissance man" :)  

Kukui Oil contains healthy fatty acids omega-6 and 3 (linoleic and llinolenic acids); it is rich in Vitamins A, C, D and E; it is comprised of a mix of natural antioxidants; and finally, it is effective in its completely natural form.

Not to mention - most ingredients incorporated into skincare these days are of synthetic-origin, grown in laboratories, not under the warm sun and rain of the Hawaiian islands.


3. The benefits of using Kukui Oil span an incredibly wide range, regardless of skin type.

This range of powerhouse nutrients all work in combination to help heal many different skin ailments and body deficiencies. Those who include Kukui Oil in their daily regimen have observed:

  • Reduced inflammation and irritation caused by skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dry/sensitive/itchy skin
  • Deep moisturizing effects without that greasy feeling
  • Burn relief and muscle pain relief
  • Protection against infection
  • Anti-aging effects on wrinkle-prone areas (e.g., under the eyes)
  • Boosted collagen production and stimulated hair growth
  • Bolstered immune system (when applied to hands and feet)


Whether you’ve heard of Kukui Oil in passing, stumbled upon it yourself, or were recommended it by a friend, I hope you learned something new today.

We invite you to experience the benefits of pure Kukui Oil with us because you deserve to feel good in your feel more cared for, vibrant, and alive. Skincare should be simple, full stop.

-Leala Humbert

Can't wait to try it! Where should I start?  

  • Pure Bliss: If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the purest form of Kukui Oil, we recommend our Kukui Dry Oil. It is 100% pure, natural, Hawaiian Kukui Oil. No ifs, ands, or buts. There is no better oil out there for dry, sensitive or damaged skin.
  • Versatile Healing: Searching for a multipurpose face or body savior? We recommend our ‘Ekolu Body Butter. It leverages the benefits of not just one, but three (‘ekolu) Hawaiian oils - Kukui Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, and Iliahi Dry Oil. Hydrating, antimicrobial and inflammation-reducing, this light and subtle-scented cream is especially healing for those with a variety of skin issues.
  • A Nourishing Classic: Imagine healthy and radiant skin that smells ever so slightly, with a faint but lovely sweet scent. Our Kukui Lotion will gift you with noticeable spiritual and physical benefits, with its perfect mixture of Hawaiian Kukui Oil, Coconut oil, Vitamin E and Mango Butter.

 The good news? Kukui oil is used as a key ingredient in 90% of our products, so you can’t go wrong! 

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