Kō Sugarcane Dry Oil

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Another fantastic face oil for dry skin, our Kō Sugarcane Dry Oil is simultaneously nostalgic and fresh and packed with various nutrient-rich essential oils. 

We were first inspired to create Kō Sugarcane Dry Oil to call back to memories of abandoned sugarcane fields off the Hamakua coast of Hawaii Island.

We start with a base of Pa'aulio vanilla and clary sage essential oils (a flowering plant with sweet violet colored blossoms) before adding essential oils of coconut and lime to bring out youthfulness. Next, we add amyris and cognac for a deep, honeyed note and we finish the oil with herbaceous lavender. The result is a light, sweet and playful fragrance that inspires bright smiles and evokes memories of youthful wonder.  

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, organic macadamia nut oil, Hawaiian natural vanilla, essential oils of clary sage, organic coconut, amyris, cognac, lime and lavender.