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Sugarcane Mist

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This fragrance will be discontinued 3/1/2024

One of our more complex fragrances, Sugarcane was created to evoke the nostalgic scent of the Hawai'i Sugarcane (Kō) and the area from which it used to be cultivated. This is a light fragrance, full of clary sage, a sweet and herbal flower, that blends well with a hint of lavender.  Coconut and vanilla provide a light sweetness and cognac and lime provide some playfulness. The result is a light, slightly sweet and calming fragrance that inspires bright smiles and evokes memories of youthful wonder.

Our mists are meant to provide a light scent for the wearer.  They are not as heavy as perfume and are meant to last only a couple of hours. To help enhance and prolong the fragrance, use it in combination with our lotion or roller perfume, as moisturized skin helps fragrance stay longer.  

Also can be used as a linen spray. Simply spray fragrance on laundry prior to drying, or directly on sheets for a beautiful refreshing fragrance.

INGREDIENTS: Hawaiian distilled water, organic witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, Hawaiian natural vanilla, essential oils of clary sage, organic coconut, Amyris, cognac, lime and lavender, polysorbate 20